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Why choose DataStream Cyber Insurance?

DataStream Cyber Insurance is designed to give SMB’s across the US greater confidence in the face of increasing cyber attacks against the small and medium business community.

Cyber liability insurance ensures that when the worst happens, you will have the best financial, legal and technical support to get you back up and running again – and all for the price of a cup of coffee or two each day.

With Cyber Insurance from DataStream, we go further though than just offering the most comprehensive insurance cover on the market.

Because as well as offering critical support to our customers post-incident, we also work with you pre-incident to make you more resilient and better able to withstand any attack that comes your way.

It’s about taking away the stress, worry and fear cyber attacks cause, so you can get on with running your business.

Contact us now and see how we can help you secure your business data.

Comprehensive Cyber Insurance

DataStream, backed by a multi-billion dollar insurance partner, provides broad coverage for your first-party and third-party losses, including breach, ransomware, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and risk analysis tools.

Broad First-Party Coverage

DataStream covers losses and damages to your company’s computers, network, IT system, and business that result from a cyber-attack.

Comprehensive Third-Party Coverage

DataStream covers losses and damages to third parties, such as customers or related businesses, resulting from a cyber incident.

Clear Language and Explanations

DataStream will help you understand in simple language what cyber insurance covers and what it does not.

Compares Your Cyber Coverage to Your Peers

DataStream provides clear metrics of how your cyber coverage compares to similar-sized companies in your industry.

Best Pre-Breach Services

DataStream provides your company with the most up-to-date and appropriate analysis of your cyber risk in financial terms. DataStream also assists in analyzing your individual IT systems and cybersecurity risk and tech stack.

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Analysis

DataStream creates a detailed individual cyber risk analysis based on the industry’s best learning, cyber risk model, which incorporates over 3,000 potential risk factors. This model is based on the world’s largest data set of cyber losses and tracks nearly 1 million companies and over $10 billion in insurance premiums.

Analyzes Your Current IT and Cyber Stack

DataStream works directly with you and your MSP to determine the current state of your IT and cybersecurity stack. You can see your security risk compared to similar organizations of your size and industry.

Breach Preparedness and Security Awareness Training

DataStream provides cybersecurity education to your team to preemptively protect your company.

Industry’s Best Distribution with Local Security Support

Comprehensive cybersecurity

A comprehensive cybersecurity program requires getting your whole team working together. You need an insurance company that can work directly with your MSP and IT team. By leveraging your IT team and MSPs’ expertise, DataStream provides the best cyber coverage, paired with the best cyber risk tools, all within a few mouse clicks.


You can directly purchase cyber insurance from a DataStream cyber insurance specialist, who understands security and how to match your needs to the best coverage, versus a typical insurance broker who isn’t a cyber expert.


DataStream aligns with your pre-vetted local Managed Service Provider (MSP), who already knows your business, systems, and security. These partnerships ensure individualized help to prevent security problems or the fastest response and remediation if there is ever an incident.

Best Breach Response

DataStream provides PCI Re-Certification Services, Notification Expense, Foreign Notification, PR Expense, Overtime, Reputation Harm, etc. DataStream also includes the fastest and most effective response if an incident occurs.

Incorporates current MSP

DataStream creates a detailed individual cyber risk analysis based on the industry’s best learning, cyber risk model, which incorporates over 3,000 potential risk factors. This model is based on the world’s largest data set of cyber losses and tracks nearly 1 million companies and over $10 billion in insurance premiums.

Expert and Professional Repair

You and your MSP have access to DataStream’s global network of world-class cyber responders who have dealt with nearly every type of cyber incident — thus helping to resolve issues in record time.

Incident Preparedness

The DataStream Response Team works with you and your MSP in advance and again after an incident to harden your systems and ensure that another attack doesn’t occur.

Breach Coach

You also get a dedicated Breach Coach to help you manage a cyber incident, retain a forensic professional, notify customers, and manage crisis communication.

Computer Forensic Services

A Forensic Investigator is assigned to work with law enforcement agencies and private firms to collect, preserve, and examine your digital media. DataStream will connect you to these services and ensure that an investigation is both immediate and thorough following a breach.


Covers the cost to fix or replace (if cannot be restored) your computer device if it is rendered non-functional after a cyber-attack (bricking).

Use of the Best Cyber Tools

DataStream works in partnership with Managed Security Service Providers certified to help prevent breaches and remediate if they occur. They use the following tools:

Threat Monitoring

DataStream partners use the best threat detection and monitoring services and system to prevent breach, phishing, and ransomware attacks.

DDoS Mitigation

DataStream partners leverage tools to mitigate a denial-of-service cyber-attack when a perpetrator seeks to temporarily or indefinitely disrupt a domain, machine, or network.

Credential Monitoring

DataStream’s team runs alerts on your employee’s credentials, passwords, and data and sends alerts if it appears to have been compromised—helping you make changes to prevent an identity breach.

Patch Manager

DataStream works with your MSP to monitor that drivers and applications are up-to-date and automatically updated, thus ensuring you reduce system vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Insurance that works with you


Small-to-medium businesses that do not offer IT consulting services to assist in managing the technology and security of other businesses.


IT Consultant businesses (MSP, MSSP, etc.) that manage the technology and security of other businesses.