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Our Partner Program

As a leading cyber insurance broker, we offer a range of benefits tailored
to enhance your business’s cybersecurity offerings to your clients.

By partnering with us, you will be able to efficiently navigate
the complexities of cyber insurance while providing added value to your clients.

Benefits of Partnering With Us​

4 Pillars of DataStream Partner Values

DataStream is a tech-enabled brokerage, powered by partnerships with leading London and Bermuda (re)insurers.

DataStream works with leading MSPs to obtain Tech E&O policies for MSPs.

Traditionally, Tech E&O has been challenging for MSPs to obtain.

Our process is simple: no fees and free quotes available via an easy online application, which you can save and return to at any time.

Since June 2023, 2 out of 3 companies who completed this application ended up binding one of the policy options we were able to obtain for them.

Show MSPs which customers are signaling vulnerabilities to attackers.

Attacker groups use AI at scale to identify potential targets.

DataStream has developed tools that mimic the reconnaissance stage of an attack, revealing likely victims.

Upon completion, the data from these tools can be further used to:
- Help manage your portfolio of customers
- Encourage purchases of new technology
-To simplify the cyber insurance application process

Deliver objective analysis to MSPs' clients on which security interventions are considered highest priority to insurers.

One of the challenges of an MSP is convincing customers to invest in critical security controls.

Using our platform, DataStream offers an arm’s length suggestion of the minimum set of standards required to avoid costly cyber attacks based on the global data available to the insurance industry.

Most MSP clients fall short of these standards, resulting in higher premiums and fewer quotes for your customers (Revenue-generating opportunities for MSPs around security upgrades).

Help MSPs' clients obtain high quality insurance from global brands at the best cost.

Cyber insurance is a critical tool for business continuity in the face of existential threats.

The coverage can be difficult to understand, and the pricing can appear arbitrary at times.

DataStream is a licensed broker with a fiduciary duty to all customers and can leverage its extensive data and technology to obtain policies that provide protection at the lowest possible price.

If you would like to protect your clients by getting them the best possible policy coverage and pricing, watch the video below to learn how to refer your clients to us.