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What We Cover

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber Insurance protects your business if it is targeted by threat actors whose actions impact your ability to operate, or who steal data from you. But not all cyber or data risk insurance policies are the same – there can be big differences in what individual insurers do, and don’t, cover.

We offer insurance that is
individual to each company we work with.

So what about DataStream?

Each customer has tailored policies, but there is core protection every business receives:

Data Breaches

DataStream offers breach response and remediation, including elements like legal fees, customers notification and tracing, IT forensics, crisis media relations support and any necessary liaison work with regulators and authorities.

Business Interruption

Our policies cover the cost involved in getting your business operating again, including bricking costs (where devices have been critically damaged), loss of earnings, digital asset damage and costs incurred in things like staff overtime

Cyber Extortion

If you are held hostage by a ransomware attack, we cover the costs involved - from ransoms paid to the services of legal or specialist IT experts.

Third Party Liability

DataStream policies ensure we give our customers protection their supply chain. This includes issues like privacy liability, media liability, management liability, and bodily or property damage.

First Party Liability

Our policies ensure you are covered at a first party level for fund transfer fraud, social engineering, client funds, invoice manipulation, crypto-jacking, reputational harm, dependent business interruption, system failure and BYOD losses for employees. Of course, we also protect you against knock-on impacts, such as post attack legal action.

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