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Top Cyber Security Firms Partner with DataStream

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DataStream partners with Acronis, Trend Micro, Liongard and Nodeware

Acronis, Trend Micro, Liongard, and Nodeware take the lead to help customers navigate the changing cyber insurance landscape with DataStream

SUNNYVALE, CA – July 12, 2023 – DataStream, the award-winning cyber insurance broker, today announces partnerships with Acronis, Trend Micro, Liongard, and Nodeware. These partnerships mark the beginning of technology and insurance working together to make companies safer against cyber risk.

2023 has again seen cyber risk ranked as the number one concern for businesses – with good reason. Ransomware and other attacks are factors behind a slew of new potential requirements for organizations to improve their overall cyber security. Coupled with that, the need for cyber insurance has seen explosive growth, growing over 40% in 2022.

However, the volatility in insurance pricing and the burgeoning need for improving cyber security posture (again), is leaving businesses in a predicament. Some organizations have seen an increase of 100% year on year in their cyber insurance costs. And this is where partnerships between top cybersecurity vendors and DataStream come in.

“As a leading software-as-a-service platform that provides the power to mitigate cybersecurity risk, our customers trust us to provide the best solutions, and we are excited to provide additional value by partnering with DataStream. Together, we simplify and accelerate the cyber insurance application process through automation while also strengthening the defensibility of coverage,” says Liongard CEO Michelle Accardi.

“Nodeware is proud to partner with Datastream Insurance in providing its customers with continuous vulnerability management,” said Frank Raimondi, VP of Channel Alliances & Partnerships, “a key component of safe computing, providing proactive identification of devices and their vulnerabilities. As insurance requirements continue to evolve, the combination of Datastream’s service and Nodeware’s valued solution is a winning combination for MSPs and their customers.”

“We’re very excited to be working with these vendors and MSPs and are 100% committed to helping their customers navigate this changing landscape,” says Andrew Liverman Anderson, CEO of DataStream.

About DataStream Cyber Insurance

DataStream Cyber Insurance offers the most comprehensive cyber insurance coverage on the market, along with complete cyber security assessments, data analyses of cyber risk in financial terms, and cyber security training. The company currently provides coverage in the United States and Canada for first- and third-party losses. DataStream also provides essential financial, legal, and technical support after an incident — and helps businesses quickly get up and running again. Make DataStream part of your business continuity plans today. DataStreamInsurance.com

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