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Manufacturing is the #4 industry for cyber insurance claims.

In the past 5 years, manufacturing accounted for 8% of cyber insurance claims. To date, the maximum cost of a manufacturing cyber incident has reached $20 million.

3 Types of Cyber Incidents Affecting Manufacturers


Malicious software used to threaten to publish or block access to sensitive data. A cybercriminal uses ransomware to encrypt files on a manufacturer's network and make them unusable. The criminal then demands a ransom in exchange for a decryption key that a manufacturer can use to access its files once again.

Intellectual Property (IP) Theft

A cyber attack used to access a manufacturer's trade secrets and other sensitive data. Cybercriminals launch IP theft attacks to steal a manufacturer's trade secrets and sell them for profit.


When a cybercriminal sends an email or text impersonating a legitimate sender in the hopes of getting a recipient to download a malicious file or share sensitive information. Manufacturers are prone to phishing, since their supply chains provide hackers with many entry points.

What Cyber Attack's Look Like for Manufacturers

Industrial Espionage

A luxury boat manufacturer worker copied their employer's trade secrets onto a USB flash drive. The business discovered the data theft, and the now-former employee responsible for the cyber incident was charged with industrial espionage.

W-2 Phishing

A storage device manufacturer employee received an email from a sender who claimed to be the business' CEO. The sender asked the employee to share the W-2 forms of current and past workers. This employee shared the tax data with an unknown third party — and put the company's current and past workers at risk of identity theft and tax fraud.

Strategically Timed Attacks

Hackers used ransomware to encrypt the systems of a U.S. candy manufacturer only a few weeks before Halloween. The cybercriminals behind the ransomware attack demanded a ransom to restore access to the manufacturer's affected systems. They also forced the candy maker to temporarily shut down production at some of its manufacturing facilities.

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