Until recently, ransomware simply meant that data was accessed, and fees were paid to provide a key to unlock the data. With the backups and other pre-emptive strategies IT teams have been putting in place to make ransomware ineffective, the bad actors have had to ‘up’ their game.  Now they are extracting the data and charging a ransom to ‘not leak the data publicly’. Sometimes they stay in the system are even threatening to hold your customers or vendors ransom as well, due to the nature of the data exfiltrated. This is Triple Extortion.

Our TableTop exercise will simulate an exfiltrated data breach to an MSPs network. In this example, the MSP not only manages systems but also houses their clients’ data. The training will be an interactive experience on what to expect and how to manage incident response in this scenario.

Join us on June 7 at 2pm EST as Carolyn Purwin Ryan, Partner at Mullen Coughlin LLC and Paul Caron, Head of Cyber Americas at S-RM, model the response and outcomes of an exfiltrated data breach and answer your questions.

This session is appropriate for MSPs, MSSP’s and other IT consultants who want to better understand how to build an incident response plan to this type of attack.

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