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What Are An MSP’s Liabilities When Clients Become Cybercrime Victims?

The risks MSPs face are not always clear. While most IT business owners are aware of the consequences of losing clients, hiring bad drivers, and not locking their doors, other potential threats are not quite so clear. For example, knowing where the ultimate responsibility falls when a client becomes the victim of a ransomware attack or some other type of cybersecurity incident can get a bit fuzzy.

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Triple Extortion Schemes Give Cyber Criminals More Power and Leverage

The riskiest thing many businesses do is maintain the status quo. The cybercrime community appears to take that to heart as they continue to renew and upgrade previously retired malware and launch new and more damaging versions of their malicious software. The greater the creativity, the more money they can generate from unsuspecting individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are very innovative and imaginative, so MSPs and other security professionals need to work even harder to keep ahead of the latest schemes and attack methodologies.

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Disgruntled Former Employees Take Revenge

It all started on a Friday morning when employees of a major staffing agency were locked out of an app on their mobile devices that allowed them to clock in and out. This app would track the hours they worked, allowing employees to get paid. The agency would also know how many hours to bill their customers. It’s a simple and paperless solution that works very well…when the technology cooperates.

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Surviving and Learning From Kaseya Cyberattack

When cyberattacks happen, most of us only hear reports from the media about what the FBI might be doing or how the company that was attacked is coping with it. We don’t often get a chance to hear from those on the front lines—from the businesses who were affected or from those who helped those businesses get back up and running.

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We Have To Forge a Strong Counter-Network To Tackle Cybercrime

A couple of years ago, the US Department of Justice and Europol released court documents showing how a cyber criminal organization worked.

The documents showed how the criminals built an international online network, building malware to steal bank details in one country, launching phishing attacks from another, and passing the stolen money through several more.

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