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We focus on cyber protection, so you can focus on business.

In the event of a cyber attack, DataStream ensures you have the best legal, technical, and financial support to keep your business running.

Comprehensive Cyber Insurance


minutes to generate your cyber insurance quote


carrier policies compared to ensure maximum coverage & lowest cost


risk factors analyzed to determine your needed coverage

What can DataStream do for your business?

Increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks require experts who can navigate coverage options that evolve to meet today’s demand for quick, effective action if the worst happens.

Third Party Liability

DataStream covers losses and damages to third parties, such as customers or related businesses, resulting from a cyber incident.

Data Breaches

Breach response and remediation, including legal fees, customer, IT forensics, crisis media relations support and necessary work with regulators and authorities.

Cyber Extortion

If you are held hostage by a ransomware attack, policies cover the costs involved - from ransoms paid to the services of legal or specialist IT experts.

Business Interruption

We cover the costs of getting your business operating again, including bricking costs, loss of earnings, and digital asset damage.

When the worst happens, you'll have the best legal, technical and financial support

Backed by a multi-billion dollar insurance partner, DataStream provides broad coverage for your first-party and third-party losses, including breach, ransomware, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and risk analysis tools.

Helping small businesses survive and thrive in the digital world


Our team of experts will ensure you get an accurate and comprehensive cyber risk assessment. This allows us to provide you with the exact amount of insurance coverage you need—no more, no less.


DataStream takes time to listen to your unique business needs and to build a tailored plan that reflects the current cyber threat landscape. Not only do we have your back post-incident, but we also work with you pre-incident, making you more resilient to potential threats.

Peace of mind

There’s a sense of calm that comes from knowing you have the best protection in case of a cyber event. DataStream acts as a true partner, going above and beyond to understand your business and ensure you have the most comprehensive coverage in place.

More than cyber insurance

In addition to offering critical support to our customers post-incident, we also work with them pre-incident to build resilience. This dual approach makes businesses better able to withstand any cyber attack.

Cyber Posture Audit

Does your company have the cyber posture it needs to get the best cyber insurance policy?
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Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

Discover your company's vulnerabilities, the likelihood of a breach, how to reduce risk, and compare cyber risk with your competitors.
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Incident Response Plan Builder

In the event of a cyber attack, it’s essential to have a plan in place that will allow your company to respond quickly and decisively.
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Existing Policy Review

Find out if your existing coverage is sufficient enough to protect you in the event of a cyberattack.
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Let's Chat

Speak with one of our cyber security specialists to discover how DataStream can protect your company and customer data when the worst happens.


Small-to-medium businesses that do not offer IT consulting services to assist in managing the technology and security of other businesses.


IT Consultant businesses (MSP, MSSP, etc.) that manage the technology and security of other businesses.