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Cyber-security liability insurance for small & medium sized businesses

DataStream Insurance is a specialist cyber insurance broker that focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses get the best cyber insurance coverage.

Working in partnership with your existing technology and cybersecurity teams to build a comprehensive cyber risk program that combines technology and insurance to keep you safe from the damage caused by cyber attacks.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Insurance protects businesses from the damages caused by cyber attacks. It covers the costs and expenses related to these attacks from direct damage to the businesses technology, loss of funds and confidential data, even the loss of income and expenses when your business can’t operate during an attack.

Cyber Insurance Policies help businesses stay operational in the aftermath of an attack, bringing experts and advisers to get you back up and running again.

Ultimately, great cyber insurance – like those sourced by DataStream – should also offer businesses both peace of mind against cybercrime, and help build resilience into their cyber defences.

Why Choose DataStream Insurance?

DataStream Insurance was set up by cybersecurity experts to change the way cyber insurance is integrated into a company’s overall cyber risk program.

We have two clear goals

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Do I really need Cyber liability insurance?

In today’s digital world, businesses of all sizes are targets for cyber criminals. Cybersecurity experts agree it’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ most operations will be attacked.

Cyber Insurance is about business continuity – so that if you suffer a breach, your business doesn’t collapse as a result. Cyber Insurance offers both financial support and specialist assistance at the time when your company is most vulnerable.

So what coverage do DataStream’s customers get?

Cyber Insurance sourced by DataStream is designed to help small and medium sized business sleep better at night knowing we’ve got them covered:

Data Breaches

DataStream sourced policies offer breach response and remediation, including elements like legal fees, customer notifications and tracing, IT forensics, crisis media relations support and any necessary work with regulators and authorities.

Third party liability

Coverage includes giving our customers protection across their supply chain. This includes issues like privacy liability, media liability, management liability, and bodily or property damage.

Business interruption

The policies we source cover the cost involved in getting your business operating again, including bricking costs (where devices have been critically damaged), loss of earnings, digital asset damage and costs incurred in things like staff overtime.

First party liability

Policies ensure you are covered at a first party level for fund transfer fraud, social engineering, client funds, invoice manipulation, crypto-jacking, reputational harm, dependent business interruption, system failure and BYOD losses for employees.

Cyber Extortion

If you are held hostage by a ransomware attack, policies cover the costs involved - from ransoms paid to the services of legal or specialist IT experts.

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Choosing the Right Insurance Partner

Get the RIGHT coverage for your INDIVIDUAL business

When choosing cyber insurance, make sure your broker conducts a personalized digital risk assessment on your operations - so you know exactly what cover you require.

Many insurance companies are SLOW to RESPOND

Most insurance companies do not know your business and will bring in a security expert who has to take the time to learn your systems after a breach occurs. This slows your recovery!

Not all policies offer the resources to FIX a BREACH

Some policies only pay to replace but do little to help you recover (which is the more significant loss) - and most companies also don't work seamlessly with your security team to make sure you get the help you need. Make sure you check.

Not all firms LEVERAGE Cyber Security Tools

You need an insurance partner that understands your existing cyber security risk mitigation program and will help you to use those tools effectively to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. Make sure your broker has this expert knowledge.

Not all brokers help you AVOID breaches to be more resilient

They don't properly analyze your potential problems, provide security awareness training, create a risk reduction plan, or equip clients with appropriate information — all critical if a situation occurs.

Give yourself the BEST choice at the BEST price

You need an insurance partner that understands your existing cyber security risk mitigation program and will help you to use those tools effectively to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. Make sure your broker has this expert knowledge.

Complete your cyber risk Protection

Make sure your broker asks the right questions and gets the right answers, so you get cover that fully protects your business.
Or, speak with DataStream first so we can help get you prepared.

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