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Cyber Insurance for


Ensuring Business
Continuity is Our Priority.

You may not think you need cyber insurance.
You may think you already have adequate coverage.
But when a cyber attack happens, it will be too late to question your coverage.

Before applying for Cyber Insurance, it’s important to know whether your business qualifies or if you need additional security measures in place.

Build Resilience Into Your
Cyber Defence.

DataStream Provides protection from:

Data Breaches

DataStream sourced policies offer breach response and remediation, including elements like legal fees, customer notifications and tracing, IT forensics, crisis media relations support and any necessary work with regulators and authorities.

Third party liability

Coverage includes giving our customers protection across their supply chain. This includes issues like privacy liability, media liability, management liability, and bodily or property damage.

Business interruption

The policies we source cover the cost involved in getting your business operating again, including bricking costs (where devices have been critically damaged), loss of earnings, digital asset damage and costs incurred in things like staff overtime.

First party liability

Policies ensure you are covered at a first party level for fund transfer fraud, social engineering, client funds, invoice manipulation, crypto-jacking, reputational harm, dependent business interruption, system failure and BYOD losses for employees.

Cyber Extortion

If you are held hostage by a ransomware attack, policies cover the costs involved - from ransoms paid to the services of legal or specialist IT experts.

We Focus On Cyber Protection,
So You Can Focus On Business.

We are specialist Cyber Insurance broker and experts in the areas of IT, Cybersecurity, and Insurance. As a true partner, we bring that expertise to your business, getting to know your unique needs to ensure you are protected.

There Is Confidence In Knowing
You Have The Right Policy In Place.

But how will you know?

1. Partnering with DataStream gives you access to the most comprehensive cyber insurance products on the market, at the best price.

2.We actively team up with our clients and their cybersecurity providers to ensure the best breach response.

Schedule a meeting with one of our Cyber insurance experts to review your unique business needs on what the best coverage looks like.


Small-to-medium businesses that do not offer IT consulting services to assist in managing the technology and security of other businesses.


IT Consultant businesses (MSP, MSSP, etc.) that manage the technology and security of other businesses.