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Channel Research

As a technology-focused business, DataStream conducts research to improve the experience and knowledge of the cyber insurance marketplace for our partners.

We are conducting a channel research project to help highlight the true impact MSPs and MSSPs have on reducing cyber risk for their clients. And we need your help!

The results of this research will help your business in marketing your services, prospecting and better protecting your clients from cyber incidents.

Goals of the research:

It's EASY to participate:


Go to the DataStream Research Collection page


Upload a file with your customer names and domains (no contact info)


Confirm 3 general statements about the majority of your customers


Approve use of the data in the research

It's that simple, less than 10 mins of your time and you'll receive:

For more information on this research project please contact [email protected]com 

All data must be submitted by August 15, 2022.